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We are one step closer! Keep scrolling to find production essentials available fall 2021. Cameras, lights, audio gear – whatever you need to keep creating.

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  • RED Komodo
    Cinema Camera, Production Kit
  • Sony A7sii
    Mirrorless, Smallrig Kit
  • GoPro
    Hero 9 Black, Action Kit


  • Aputure 300D
    with Space light and Light Dome
  • Aputure 120D
    with Space light and Light Dome
  • Nanlight Pavotubes
    4' LED Tube Light Kit

And more:

  • Grip Equipment
    750 series stands, scrims, flags, and more
  • Accessories
    Matte boxes, wireless kits, and monitors
  • Audio Kits
    Field recorders, microphones, and more

Stay in the know!

We are working hard to get our rental kits available. The impact of COVID-19 has caused unforeseen delays. Leave us your email and we will let you know as kits become available!

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